Social media intelligence gathering and anomalies detection


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We aggregate and visualize how information is shared across six social media platforms. We save valuable fime for academic researchers, security analysts, fact checkers, and content moderators -- so they can focus on the real task. There is no limitation on what you can search. For example, check our reports on world cup and election fraud.


Discover influence campaigns across multiple social media platforms

We apply network clustering and machine learning algorithms to discover various suspicious activites on social networks, such as bot campaign, misinformation, and impersonation attacks.


"Amazing cross-platform tool by @chenzhouhan"

Fabio Giglietto, Associate Professor of Internet Studies

"Thank you Zhouhan for doing a demo of the tool you created to trace suspicious sources of information. The talk was not only related to our work but also the way you visualize data inspired me a lot."

Masaru Sato, Sr Analyst - Cybersecurity & Anti-Abuse Research at Google

"The project exemplifies how technologists can play a crucial role in sustaining local news and meeting the information needs of communities across the country."

From Announcing funding for three AI & Local News teams | NYC Media Lab

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