Social Media Intelligence Gathering And Anomaly Detection

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Customers and Collaborators

University of Hong Kong
Tecnológico De Monterrey
Tsinghua University
Tortoise Media
Pulitzer Center
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Monitor Narratives and Expose Coordinated Campaigns

Information Tracer can identify complex online influence campaigns. We work with research institutions and government agencies to monitor narratives across global platforms.

Check out the Mexico 2024 Election Dashboard we built in collaboration with Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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Detect Online Hate Speech

We collaborate with Tortoise Media to investigate cyberbullying operations targeting Amber Heard, actress and human rights activist. Using data collected by Information Tracer, we gathered evidence of large scale pro-Johnny-Depp influence operations. Our work is featured on Podcast Who Trolled Amber.

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Discover Bots and Inauthentic Accounts

Information Tracer integrates Generative-AI to profile each online user, estimate its geo-location, account type and sentiment. Our visualization allows users to quickly spot a suspicious pattern and drill down to identify individual account. For more detail, please check out our work on Detecting Anti-Ukraine Bots On X.

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Impact and Awards

Future Technology Award

We won the Future Technology Award at the 2023 Next Challenge for Media and Journalism. The Award is given to "tech finalist advancing the public interest".

Twitter Developer Challenger

We won 1st place at 2022 Twitter Developer Challenge, "Conversation safety tools" Category. The total number of participant for the Challenge is 1623.


Delivered workshops to 2023 World Press Institute Fellows, media executives, and Deutsche Welle Akademie.


Presented research at DEFCON 2022, the largest hacking conference in the world, with a number of participant above 35000.

Our journey

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